Monday, June 4, 2018


We are so excited to be partnering with ToteSavvy on today's post! We have searched high and low for the best diaper bags, but if we are being honest here it is so hard to find a stylish yet ultra functional diaper bag! I mean does everything baby related really need an obnoxious print or a children's character plastered all over it (Insert face palm emoji here)? As mama's we all know how important that diaper bag storage is, but is just impossible to find in that cute leather tote purse! Enter ToteSavvy

If you haven't yet heard of ToteSavvy, you are missing out on the perfect way to turn any bag/purse into a perfectly organized diaper bag! Today we are sharing how we are using our regular and mini inserts to pack for our toddlers vs. preparing for two newborns!


The original size is perfect for packing for younger babies or multiple kids! It has 11 pockets including an insulated bottle pocket and a changing mat, which is perfect for using it in a non diaper bag that of course wouldn't include one of its own!

When we were packing our original in preparation for this post we quickly realized how easy it is to get rusty on that crazy newborn stage, and also how many things you need to pack when braving the outside world with those teeny babies! This size will be perfect for packing a bag for three under three. We were able to fit all the newborn essentials with room to spare for what we would need for our toddlers!

We of course used the insulated pocket for a bottle, and filled 3 large pockets on the inside with diapers, wipes, and extra clothes. Leaving one large pocket on the inside perfect for a sippy cup, swaddle blanket or even your own wallet! The smaller pockets were perfect for our diaper cream, hand sanitizer, nipple cream/breast pads, pacifiers/teethers, and any of those other items that so easily get lost in the bottom of a bag! The larger pocket on the outside is perfect for a nursing cover or that oh so necessary extra shirt for mama. Can you say milk-stained?! There are literally endless ways to pack this size insert to make sure you always have everything you need! 


We are completely obsessed with this size insert for the stage we are in with our girls! Outings are exhausting enough with these busy bees that we don't want to be lugging around huge diaper bags. We love that we can (for the next couple months at least) get away with leaving the house with so much less, and this size fits everything perfectly. A mini version of the original,  it still comes with a changing pad and 6 pockets. We both love this size for our Fawn Design diaper bags because it perfectly fits inside, while still allowing all the pockets of the Fawn bag to be easily accessible.

We were easily able to pack diapers and wipes in one large pocket, leaving the other uninsulated pocket available for clothes, snacks, or even a wallet for mama! We love the insulated pocket for our girls' water bottles, because neither of our girls will let us leave the house without theirs! Although these mama's wont leave the house without our hydros so like mama like daughter I guess! The smaller pockets are perfect for things like diaper cream and sanitizer!


We recommend the original size ToteSavvy for large non diaper bag totes so you can access and use all of the pockets! This size also makes for the perfect organizer for beach bags, or even weekender bags!

The ToteSavvy mini is perfect for existing diaper bags & backpacks, like the Fawn Design shown in this post to maximize its space while still being able to use the bags pockets! 

Both sizes are the perfect way to organize all the teeny things when preparing and packing for little ones bag for the hospital!

We are always looking for the best products to make motherhood just a little simpler, and ToteSavvy is an absolutely no brainer for every mama! If you've already fallen in love with a ToteSavvy, let us know your favorite bag to pair it with in the comments! If you aren't a Totesavvin' mama let us know what questions you have below!

XOXO, Amanda & Brittany


We are so excited to be partnering with ToteSavvy on today's post! We have searched high and low for the best diaper bags, but if we a...