Wednesday, April 18, 2018


We've had so many questions about where to find kimonos & cardigans for maternity and non-maternity, so we've rounded up some of our favorites all under $50! These have been a staple for us this pregnancy because they are so perfect for dressing up a maternity tee, or to accent a body con dress for that perfect bump pic, or for a perfect swim cover up at the pool or beach! And of course these all work for you non pregnant ladies too 😉

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Floral Kimonos/Dusters
Duster Cardigans

XOXO, Amanda & Brittany

Friday, April 6, 2018


Ever since we found out and announced we were having twins the questions have flooded in! I think pregnancy in general naturally raises questions in friends, family, and even strangers, but there's something about growing two tiny humans at a time that just brings about a whole new level of curiosity! We are so excited about our twin journey and are thrilled to answer all the burning twin questions we have received here!

So here they are friends, and feel free to comment any questions you do not see answered here!

1. Do twins run in your family?

Amanda: This is such a popular question! I actually never knew anyone in my family to have twins but after our surprise at our first ultrasound, distant (very distant) sets of twins on both sides of the family were brought to our attention! This still is not enough to make it "run in the family" but still a fun discovery nonetheless!

Brittany: I love this question because everyone loves to ask it! My answer is yes and no. My mother in law is an identical twin but identical twins aren't genetic, however I do have fraternal twin cousins so I guess if it is genetic its from my side!

2. Did you do any IVF treatments?

Amanda: We are extremely grateful that we have been able to conceive naturally and have not been on any sort of IVF treatments. 

Brittany: We are very lucky to have never been on any fertility drugs or treatments, and to conceive these babies naturally. 

3. How have you felt so far this pregnancy? And how has it been different than your first pregnancy?

Amanda: Can you say tired! Early on, I knew a second pregnancy would mean that you feel everything earlier and more enhanced than your first (so I've read) but twin pregnancy really puts you on a level you never thought existed. maybe even comparable to that zombie newborn stage of tired. Despite the fatigue of carrying two and chasing around a toddler I have not had any enhanced nausea or morning sickness. I didn't experience morning sickness with my first either but I really think its just the luck of the draw. I had a few pregnancy migraines in my first trimester but those have leveled themselves out since being in the second trimester!

Brittany: This pregnancy has been completely different than my first. I had some morning sickness with my first but nothing that affected my everyday life. This pregnancy I have been crippled with morning sickness and completely bedridden for 2+ months. I am over 16 weeks and still having to take medication to be able to eat! Having a toddler and being a stay at home mom has been tough too, which is obviously different than my last, but I have been so blessed to have so much help taking care of myself and my toddler!

4. Are you still able to workout?

Amanda: My favorite question! I have always been a little bit of a fitness junkie and fortunately I have still been able to workout this entire pregnancy. I modify everything so I can keep it safe for the babies and I definitely listen to my body but I think for me working out makes me feel better in the grand scheme of things!

Brittany: I am just starting to be able to do simple and easy workouts again after being sick for the last few months! It definitely feels great to be feeling good enough to work out!

5. Will you have to have a C-Section?

Amanda: This is a tough question for me. I was very stern about following my initial birth plan with my first pregnancy and with God's grace things ended up working in my favor; however carrying and delivering two babies comes with a lot more risk and sometimes complication. I don't plan on having a C-Section, I do want to push and try everything we can first to have a vaginal delivery but we will end up doing whatever is safest for these two babes. However they come, I just pray they are healthy!

Brittany: I don't know quite yet what my birth plan will look like. Ideally I would love to have both babies naturally, however I also know I will have to be much more open minded this pregnancy. I was fortunate enough to deliver naturally with my first, even with some complications, but twins are a whole new ballgame, and I plan to continuously discuss our birth options with our doctor & specialist throughout. At the end of the day it all comes down to keeping these babies safe and healthy!

6. Is your pregnancy considered high risk?

Amanda: Yes! Every twin pregnancy is considered high risk but predictions for bed rest etc won't be made until further along in this pregnancy.

Brittany: Technically, yes. Twin pregnancies in general are considered high risk so I see a normal OB as well as a specialist that will work together to care for us throughout the pregnancy. We will also get significantly more appointments and ultrasounds to make sure the twins are healthy and growing properly!

7. Are you having identical or fraternal twins? How do you know?

Amanda: We are having fraternal di/di boy/girl twins! The best of both worlds and we couldn't be more excited! This is the most common type of twin set out there!

Brittany: We are also having fraternal twins! They are considered fraternal because I have two separate placentas and two separate amniotic sacs. 

8. How are you feeling about having 3 kids under 3?

Amanda: 3 under 3... let's be honest just hearing that is a scary thought! It seems like there is a lot of negative feedback when it comes to 3 under 3, usually from mama's who don't have 3 under 3? I think with anything just keeping a positive mindset and staying confident in your parenting as a team is going to make 3 under 3 possible! At least I hope so! This mama will most definitely be living off of coffee.. lots and lots of coffee!

Brittany: I think I would be crazy if I wasn't scared to have 3 under 3, however we are so thrilled to have all of our kids be so close in age. We love the idea that our kids will love the same things at the same times, like family vacations for example! We always had this age gap in mind... we just got thrown a little twist!

9. Did you have a feeling you were having twins before you found out?

Amanda: To be honest twins hadn't crossed my mind before finding out! My husband made a joke right before our appointment about our "two twin babies in there" only to realize that his joke of a statement became a reality! We honestly could not be more thrilled that we got picked to embark on this journey! I'm sure the struggles will be extremely different than with one baby but totally worth it!

Brittany: Yes! I said to my mother in law at just a few weeks along "what if we are having twins?" She thought I was absolutely crazy, but here we are!

10. Did you both know each other were having twins before you announced?

Amanda: Yes! Britt and I have become pretty close throughout this motherhood journey and once she moved back to Reno and became my neighbor we have get togethers pretty frequently! It was a mommy friendship that was meant to be! She was one of the first people I told when we found out there was two, and little did I know she would also be on this same journey very soon!

Brittany: Yes! we both knew each other was pregnant from early pregnancy! Our motherhood path has been so similar and has brought us close so we shared the news right away! Amanda actually had a dream that I was pregnant the night before I told her, and she had a dream I was having twins right before my ultrasound appointment! Talk about meant to be! Neither of us could hold in the twin thing, we both texted each other from the ultrasound appointment! Let me tell you, it was so hard to keep a secret!

11. How did your husbands react to the news?

: Surprisingly, my husband instantly saw the two twins show up on the ultrasound and was so excited! He even at one point said "I just want to scream to the world we're having twins!" It was definitely shocking and still very scary to both of us but he has been so confident, excited, and supportive through this whole journey!

Brittany: I'm pretty sure he almost passed out in the doctors office! He really thought there was no way we were having twins... mainly because we already knew about Amanda's twins and he thought there was absolutely no way we could possibly also be having twins!
His response: "I couldn't feel my feet"

XOXO,  Amanda & Brittany


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